University of South Carolina students get into business journalism

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Jenni Knight, a journalism student at the University of South Carolina, writes about how some of her colleagues are becoming interested in business journalism.

Knight writes, "Cassie Cope, a senior journalism major, was a student in one of SJMC’s first business journalism classes offered in spring 2012 by Rob Wells, a visiting professor and former deputy bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal.

"'It was a really cool experience,' said Cope. 'He taught us how to navigate Securities Exchange Commissions files, so I could in five minutes probably tell you how much the top executives at Google get paid.'

"Cope now has business journalism on her resume, hoping it will make her more marketable and hirable as she is applying for post-graduate internships and jobs. She also has put to use the skills she learned in the class with an internship with The State newspaper.

"'It’s nice to have the opportunity to focus on such a niche and be able to understand and learn about it early on and apply it,' said Cope.

"SJMC is focusing on business journalism thanks largely to a generous donation from alumnus Ken Baldwin. Through visiting professors, speakers, conferences and a new partnership with South Carolina ETV, students have many opportunities to learn about the increasing importance of merging these two fields. Business reporting skills can make students stand out from other candidates when they apply for jobs because business is often an integral part to any news story."

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