Huffington Post seeks business news intern

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The Huffington Post is looking for a business news intern.

The HuffPost Business intern will have the opportunity to write news stories covering the biggest financial stories of the day, including unemployment, the cleanup of the financial crisis and every day business news.

The intern will also be responsible for handling news production tasks, including creating photo slideshows and managing wires stories.

Candidates should be extremely web savvy, quick learners, detail-oriented, energetic, efficient, good at self-directed follow through, excellent writers/copy editors and be avid consumers of online media.

What is absolutely required is serious dedication to detail, swift and accurate writing ability, and attention to deadlines -- all while juggling multiple tasks at once.

This is great opportunity to learn all the ins and outs of new media and get first-hand exposure to how The Huffington Post works.

The position would mostly revolve around content creation, and the intern would have an opportunity to pitch article ideas.

This is a fall internship at 40 hours / week for $10 / hour.

To apply, go here.